An iemoto may be addressed by the title Iemoto or O-iemoto or Ō-sensei (大先生). In English, «Grand Master» is often the title that is used. The iemoto’s main roles are to lead the school and protect its traditions, to be the final authority on matters concerning the school, to issue or approve licenses and certificates and, in some cases, to instruct the most advanced practitioners.


Iemoto (家元; lit., «family foundation») is a Japanese term used to refer to the founder or current Head Master of a certain school of traditional Japanese art. It is used synonymously with the word sōke (宗家) when it refers to the family or house that the iemoto is head of and represents.

The word iemoto is also used to describe a system of familial generations in traditional Japanese martial arts. The iemoto system is characterized by a hierarchical structure and the supreme authority of the iemoto, who has inherited the secret traditions of the school from the previous iemoto.

 The title of iemoto in most cases is hereditary. It is commonly transmitted by direct line, or by adoption. Once the «successor-to-be» is officially recognized.

There can only be one iemoto at a time, which sometimes leads to the creation of new «houses» or «lines.»

Officially recognized teachers of the traditional arts that have an «iemoto» have obtained a license to teach from the iemoto, signifying the iemoto’s trust that the so-licensed person is capable and qualified to faithfully pass on the school’s teachings. Students must also acquire licenses or certificates at various stages in their study. Depending on the school, such certificates either give the student permission to study at a particular level or affirm that the student has achieved a given level of mastery. It is also the iemoto who authorises, selects and bestows ceremonial names for advanced practitioners. Ref. WikipediA


O-Iemoto Siegfried Boedeker  

大 先 生



Nippon Martial Arts Renmei  

O-Iemoto  Siegfried Boedeker, 10 Dan Jiu Jitsu, 10 Dan Aiki Jujitsu, Hanshi, Professor 

President of the European Association of Daito Ryu AIKI – Bujutsu

  President of the Samurai Ju-Jitsu Association International

 President of the World Ju-Jitsu / AIKI – Bujutsu Federation

柔術       大東龍       合気武術       合気柔術

       Ju-Jtsu                  Daito Ryu                   Aiki-Bu-Jitsu                     Aiki-Ju-Jitsu        


 Samurai All Yawara Ryu AIKI-Ju-Jitsu Kai and Samurai Ju-Jitsu Association International

       Nippon Yawara Ryu AIKI-Ju-Jitsu Renmei  

O-Iemoto Siegfried Boedeker promotion Masters Lines


Hanshi Dante Roccisano Professor of Aikibudo Arts 10 Dan —  AUSTRALIA

Grandmaster Paul Irizarry is the Founder of Kenkakai-Kan Jitsu —  USA & Puerto Rico


Soke Juan Diaz Martinez, 10 Ju-Jutsu, 10 Dan Karate, 10 Dan Aiki-Bujutsu, Hanshi — SPAIN


Grand Master Derman B.Hodge Sr  — USA


Soke Krishna Gopal 10 Dan Kurodaiya, 10 Dan Ju-Jitsu, 4 Dan Judo – NEDEELANDS



Menkyo Shihan Vladimir Soroka, Shichidan in Aiki-Bujutsu — USA 


O-Sensei Alecsei Kunin  Menkyo Kaiden Denora Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu — USA 

 Soke Jocic Zoran Founder Ju Aikido martial art 10 Dan Ju Aikido —  SERBIA

 Sensei David Brown — UK   



 Prof. Sergey Polousov Menkyo Kaiden Soke Combat – Jiu Jitsu — RUSSIA



Dai Shihan Mark Walker — USA


Hanshi De Sana Stone — USA

Professor of Sungja-Do George I. Petrotta Menkyo Kaiden Hanshi — USA